HD34 Air Sterilizer PCO System

รหัสสินค้า : HD34


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Hydroxyl sterilizer : AirClean for Office, Hotel, Hospital

For area around 30 square meter

High power fan for fast air circulations

AI system that measure air quality and adjust the operation of the machine automatically

Three layer filter system

1. Pre-filter to filter general dust, hair, fur

2. Active Carbon Filter to filter odors and VOCs(Volatile organic compounds)

3. HEPA Filter to filter PM2.5

PCO or PhotoCatalytic Oxidation sterilization system uses Titanium Dioxide to cause PCO reaction in order to create Hydroxyl Radical to release OH- ions into the air and this charge will bind to germs which will can kill germs in a short time and the charge will decay naturally


Ti-X Module : 25W x 2

Cooling Method: Ambient Air Cooling

AirFlow : 650m3 / hr. max. (Air Sterilize Mode with Carbon Filter)

300 m3 / hr. max (Air Sterilizer and Purifier Mode with HEPA filter)

Size 52 x 58 x 88 cm.

Weight : 22 kg.

Power : 220V 50Hz 120W

Warranty : 1 year

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