Purify Mesh 30

Purify Mesh 30

Purify Mesh 30 is the world's first PVC mesh membrane that incorporates TiO2 photocatalyst coating for building facade applications. Design stunning structures with the flexibility of membrane while simultaneously reducing the negative effects of air pollution in your area. Take environmental sustainability one step further with Purify Mesh 30. and make iconic facade stand out.



Feature 1

Transform your building from flat to tree form curvature design for building facades

Feature 2

Realize beautiful lighting conditions with light transmitting through the mesh openings

Feature  3

Iconic visibility from outside, while maintaining high visibility from within the building space.

Feature  4

From white to dark colors, including metallic colors: the freedom to choose virtually any color to realize your perfect architectural design.


Self Cleaning

TiO2 photocatalyst has function of absorbing natural sunlight (UV) and decomposing organic matter. For this reason, a phenomenon occurs: when natural sunlight irradiates the membrane, stains from organic matters decompose

1. TiO2 decomposes the dirt

2. Rain suspends and washes away dirt


NOx Reduction

One of the contributors to air pollution in cities are the emissions from automobiles that include nitrogen oxide NOx.

TiO2-coated membrane has a feature that decomposes NOx through oxidation reaction, and purifies the surrounding air.

1. NOx adheres to membrane surface

2. TiO2 oxidizeNOx ใto NO2 which is ionized to harmless NO3- 

3. NO3- reacts with moisture in the air and changes to HNO3, which is then washed away by rainwater.



The visibility is much higher with the black side of the surface coated in the black versus white


Usable place: Outdoors

Safety: It has been confirmed that the products satisfy the PIAJ safety standards regarding acute oral toxicity, promary skin irritation and mutagenity

Instructions for Use: In order to achieve the product's full effect and benefits, we recommend preventing dirt build up through regular cleaning. Also note that the amount of nitrogen oxide reduction in an actual environment depends on the area of construction and ultraviolet irradiation strength.

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